[SRC] Center for Cell to Cell Communication in Cancers
작성일 : 13-03-25 16:09
International Symposium on Current Research in PLC signaling
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-Venue_ 104, Academic Information Bldg.202, UNIST, ULSAN, KOREA
-Data_ July 18~19, 2013

Lucio Cocco (University of Bologna)
Pann-Ghill Suh (UNIST, Ulsan Korea)
  Young-kyo Seo (UNIST, Ulsan Korea)
  Eung-kyun Kim (UNIST, Ulsan Korea)

▸July 17(Wed) : Speakers will arrive at UNIST, ULSAN
                    A welcome dinner @ Rm708, Bldg.104, UNIST

    Route #1:
      -Incheon Intl. Airport  → Seoul KTX Station
        → Arrival at Ulsan KTX Station (We will pick you up.)
    Route #2:
      - Gimhae Intl. Airport (We will pick you up.)

- Accommodation : Stay at UNIST Guestroom 
▸July 18(Thu) 
    -Special Lecture : “PLC History” 
    -Session I, II, III
    - Stay at UNIST Guest room

▸ July 19(Fri)
  -Session IV and  V
  -Stay at POSCO International Center

▸ July 20(Sat) 
 ✦ Tour in Kyeongju (whole day)
 ✦ 20th(Sat) Accommodation @ POSCO International Center (for 21th Departure)
 ✦ Those who fail to attend will be refered to the guidelines below

▸Back to home [July 20(Sat) or 21(Sun)]
  Route #1:
      - Pohang Bus Terminal → Shinkyeongju KTX station  → Seoul KTX station → Incheon Intl. Airport
  Route #2:
      - Pohang Bus Terminal → Gimhae Intl. Airport

※ To arrange the detailed schedule in UNIST, Please contact me.
  (Email: ykseo@unist.ac.kr / Tel. +82-52-217-2625/ Mobil. +82-10-5693-1411)